Cyber Centurion VII – Virtual Training Sessions

Cyber Centurion VII – Virtual Training Sessions

[stextbox id=’alert’ caption=’2021 UPDATE’]Readers please note that from mid 2021 Cyber Centurion 8 and onwards is now run by STEM Learning, so some of the links in the item that follows have been removed. Up to date information should be obtained from the STEM Learning information page here: . Information below and any old links you may have bookmarked refer to former Competitions only[/stextbox]

Our friends in The Cyber Security Challenge have launched new virtual training sessions for CyberCenturion VII – not to be missed!  

CyberCenturion  is a free to enter team-based competition for 12-18 year olds in the UK and British Overseas Territories.

Designed by the American Air Force Association [] and brought to you by Northrop Grumman [], CyberCenturion is the perfect way to develop your technical skills and build strong foundations for a rewarding career in the cyber security industry.

Competing in CyberCenturion helps develop core cyber skills and confidence, invaluable to living in a digital world. The competition creates a dynamic, exciting and fun setting for young talent to develop, and is increasingly recognised by employers and academic institutions as creating the skills they are looking for.

Competing in CyberCenturion

Join one of the virtual training sessions – new for 2020 and hosted by Cyber Security Challenge UK [] – taking place Friday 2 October 2020 and Monday 5 October 2020 for a real-time walkthrough of exactly what’s involved and how to prepare your competitors.

For the best chance of reaching the National Finals,[] take advantage of brand new training materials to get competition ready. Some teams match with mentors in industry to gain competitive advantage and broaden their CyberCenturion experience. Don’t worry if you can’t take part in every round – this year there are lucky draw prizes for competing in individual rounds.

Visit the CyberCenturion Hub for all the competition information you need, training materials and the inside scoop from previous competitors.

Missions to Mars need good cyber security, too

Space missions don’t just need rocket scientists – they need cyber security experts to keep all the systems they create, manage and deploy safe and resilient. This year’s competition theme will highlight the importance of cyber security in space as competitors learn how to spot malicious software and keep systems in rocket-ship shape.

What’s involved?

Teams are made up of four students (with an optional reserve) all within the same age category (either 12-14 years old or 15-18 years old).

To qualify for the National Finals, teams must compete in all three virtual qualifying rounds to score the maximum number of points.

Virtual competition rounds happen at weekends starting on Fridays, between 11am-5pm. You choose the day – and you only get one 6 hour window each round. Use it wisely!

Gather three friends and find someone over 18 to be your team leader. They will need to complete the registration form for you, and a team leader can enter up to 5 teams.

Sign up at before registration closes on 8 November 2020

Check out all the key dates here and follow #CyberCenturion for the latest updates!